Seminars & Events


Dr. Alexander Zhilyaev: Bulk nanostructured materials processed by severe plastic deformation: from fundamentals towards applications. 15/07/2016
Dr. Isaac Toda-Caraballo: An overview on the designing High Entropy Alloys 19/09/2016
Dr. Oscar Ruano: Aspectos fundamentales de la fluencia de materiales 15/12/2016
Dr. Marta Serrano: Structural materials for Gen IV reactors 23/01/2017
Dr. Jorge Alcalá: Multi-scale mechanistic interpretations to indentation experiments across the material length scales: from continuum to atomistics 13/03/2017
Dr. Eric Jägle: Alloys for Additive Manufacturing, Alloys by Additive Manufacturing 18/05/2018



Summer School: Advanced Processing of Metallic Materials 28-29/06/2016
Metals Winter Meeting 2017 10/03/2016
Workshop: From science to market in additive manufacturing Apr-18
Summer School & Industry Day: Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) 23 – 24 July 2018