DIMMAT Project

DIMMAT is a 4 year long research collaboration funded by Madrid Regional Government within the Tecnologies 2013 programme aiming to develop a design methodology for advanced materials (mainly focused in metallic alloys and polymer based composites) by integrating multiscale materials modeling tools and combinatorial processing methods.


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Last update: 02/03/2017

News and events

Seminar Jorge Alcalá: Multi-scale mechanistic interpretations to indentation experiments across the material length scales: from continuum to atomistics. March 3, 2017

We provide a fundamental contact mechanics background to the interpretation of spherical indentation experiments performed in polycrystalline aggregates, single crystalline […]

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Training course DIMMAT: “Economic-business basic concepts” February 20, 2017

Understanding economic and financial information is an essential skill-set for many careers and in many contexts in our lives. This […]

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